Helen Chan

Landscape Designer

As a professional in the field of landscape architecture/architecture, Helen, LEED Green Associate, has found her greatest successes in the areas of architectural projects and team leadership.  Raised in Los Angeles, California, Helen obtained her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona with background from her Associate of Science degree in Architecture. Expertise include evaluation of project impacts on environment and wildlife, working in collaboration with colleagues to create unique yet sustainable and eco-friendly designs, and preparation of all required construction documents and design development packages to facilitate the completion of goals and milestones.  Helen’s extensive knowledge in green building principles allows maximization of energy efficiency, water conservation, management of recycling waste, and preservation of local environments into her sustainable design concepts.  Her interests include drawing, sketching, photography, Bikram Yoga, and home decoration.  Her skills, background, and interest will assist her to collaborate with your needs and ideas in building your dream yard that is unique, affordable and sustainable.